We grow clean, sustainable, nutritious, and deliciously fresh produce using vertical farming right here in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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Our farm is different to Old MacDonald’s.

Our produce is grown here in Aotearoa New Zealand using vertical farming. Why vertical? Because our produce is literally grown upwards in stacked layers. Our leading-edge technology is backed by over 25 years of academic research by scientists working at the forefront of their fields.

New meaning to clean eating

Our produce grows from seed right through to harvest in a fully controlled environment that isn’t impacted by stormy or unseasonal weather — or the occasional *gift* from a bird flying overhead. Our plants are given the perfect amount of light, food and tender loving care — everything they need to grow up big, delicious and nutritious!

Find a new use for your salad spinner

Because our produce is grown in a fully controlled environment, we’re able to keep pests and diseases out, so we don’t need to use sprays or pesticides. And our harvesting methods mean that there’s no need to wash our produce before you eat it.

Growing sustainably

New meaning to doing more with less

We grow our produce using 95% less water than conventional horticulture. Yep, you read that right! We only need a small amount of water because we use this scarce natural resource in a precise and careful way. We give our produce just the right amount of water, and just when it's needed. And the water we do use, we reuse. 

We use significantly less electricity than conventional greenhouses and the power we need comes from renewable sources. We require a fraction of the land that traditional horticulture does, and we can grow our produce almost anywhere.  

In short: less in, more out. We’re here to grow a sustainable food revolution. And the only way is up.

Our people

Tom Schuyt

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

I lead our strategy development and implementation and head up the Greengrower team. I’m so excited by the potential Greengrower has to transform the sustainability of the horticulture industry — and grow better and more consistent produce for New Zealanders. 

Before Greengrower, I was in corporate finance advising a variety of New Zealand businesses and back in my student days, I worked in the produce department of my local supermarket.  

My favourite Greengrower has got to be spinach – you can basically add it to anything!


Rebecca Ogg

Chief Operating Officer

After almost 20 years of working in the red meat and poultry industries, I was looking for a business that was truly open to innovation and ‘walked the walk’ when it came to values and sustainability. I’m excited about the business growth opportunities at Greengrower and keen to make a tangible contribution to sustainability.

Here at Greengrower, I provide leadership for our everyday business operations and production delivery and work on our development and performance optimisation and innovative initiatives. 

My favourite Greengrower? I love our basil. 


Huub Kerckhoffs

Head of research, R&D Lead

I’m excited to lead the R&D Centre for Greengrower, based at Massey University (Palmerston North) as partner with MAF Digital Lab, building on an international career (NL, UK, Japan, USA, Australia) in photobiological research central to my PhD (Wageningen) and several postdocs on physiological functions of plant photoreceptors in model species (tomato, garden pea, Arabidopsis).

My role at Greengrower is focused on what comes next - using my previous experience to support our research efforts and continue to find ways to improve our technology and outcomes for consumers. I am passionate about creating impact, add value and building needed capability.

My favourite Greengrower is bok choy - stir fried and served with some soy and sesame oil!


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